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International Consulting

FuturePace RF Solutions is able to provide two types of services to the international telecommunications community.

For industry we are particularly well placed to advise companies wishing to participate in Australian spectrum auctions on the technical conditions governing use of the spectrum and their effect on spectrum utility. We can provide a complete technical service from assessment of spectrum suitability to device registration with the Australian regulator. We provide advice and technical guidance for maximising profitability in the Australian market.

At the Government level we can provide a complete design service for a system of spectrum licensing. FuturePace RF Solutions has access to the technical skills and policy expertise to create a spectrum licensing system from the ground up. We are able to undertake scoping exercises and technical assessments that inform Governments of the vast economic potential in the leasing of spectrum space under licence.

While Governments may use the recurrent revenue from spectrum auctions for telecommunications purposes, it is also open to them to redirect the revenue to social policy or other objectives.

Because we are not aligned to any equipment manufacturer our advice is guaranteed to be impartial and to represent the best possible option for our client, whether Government or industry.

FuturePace is also linked to Australian training institutions and is keen to ensure that in-country technicians and engineers are trained in skills essential to manage technical and regulatory frameworks.

Our consortium represents the best available knowledge in relation to spectrum licensing, we know the system and we can deliver a quality product on time and on target.

FuturePace has been active in international promotion of the method of Australian spectrum right formulation for many years. We have contributed papers to many consultations and have sought to maintain a professional publishing program in our area of expertise. FuturePace has presented overseas at the: