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Helping You Manage Your Spectrum

Each device must be registered and before registration a spectrum licensee provides the Communications Authority with an Interference Impact Certificate declaring that a device complies with a technical framework established for each spectrum release. The framework manages interference along the boundaries of a licence while licensees manage their own interference within those boundaries.

We can supply a Spectrum Management Application forming the basis of a sophisticated spectrum planning tool, using the latest Geographic Information System (GIS) software but not requiring the purchase of specialised hardware. Upgrades will be available from Futurepace RF Solutions as each band of spectrum is released for spectrum licensing by the Government.

The Spectrum Management Application provides a simple way for you to certify devices operating under a spectrum licence according to Government regulations or we can register devices on your behalf. In addition, Futurepace RF Solutions can provide purpose designed coordination procedures for managing devices operating within a licensees' own spectrum space.

Futurepace RF Solutions can assist a spectrum licensee with:

  1. Software to check that your devices conform to Communications Authority regulations before lodging applications for device registration without an Interference Impact Certificate (IIC);
    1. a complete device registration service including issue of an IIC; a complete spectrum planning service including extraction of maximum utility and thus value from your spectrum using various simulation and fitting techniques;
    2. checking that adjacent licensees are not using your spectrum;
    3. a pre-auction assessment of your spectrum requirements for a proposed service, including the initial constraints caused by any short term incumbent services;
    4. increasing utility and value of the spectrum by negotiating with either the Government and/or adjacent licensees by -
      1. modification of the technical framework to cover devices and device deployments not currently permitted,
      2. reducing the technical constraints at the boundaries of licences by private agreement and registering those agreements,
      3. negotiating for increased flexibility such as higher radiated powers based on the size of the parcel of spectrum,
      4. trading spectrum in the secondary or post-auction market.